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We are two working mothers — Lauren Rose, the director of business development for Name Bubbles, and Betsy DeMars, the assistant managing editor at The Saratogian. Try as we may to be really good at both, balancing motherhood and career can get pretty messy. As professionals, work schedules and mommy schedules often collide. So, we plow through, hoping at the end of the day, our kids — Lauren's 5-year-old son and Betsy's 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter — know how much we love them.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday morning crisis

It's a Monday morning nightmare. The bag that came home from school Friday afternoon had sat untouched all weekend. A busy weekend schedule of a baseball game, soccer practice, church, chores, etc. all led to the neglect. I held my breath as I opened his folder — CRUD! AN ENTIRE PACKET OF HOMEWORK!

The blame went back and forth.
Him: "Mom, you should have reminded me to look in my bag!"
Me: "But it's your responsibility; I can't remember all my stuff and your stuff, too!"

Then we moved into "resolve crisis" mode. Thankfully there was about 30 minutes before the bus was due to arrive, so he dove right in. Once I had him going, I just left him alone, figuring he would get done as much as he could, and that would have to be good enough.

He did alright, too. Not too much was left undone by the time we had to shove it in his backpack so he could run down the driveway. His 7-year-old sister gave him a little tip: "You can do the rest on the bus; that's what I do if I don't have my homework finished." To my surprise, he didn't tell her to shut-up, but instead said, "Yeah, that's what I'll do."

What a proud moment. Both my children — in second and fourth grades — are already mirroring the same insane habits I kept up throughout school because of a busy extra-curricular schedule. What have I done?


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